Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Parade Epilogue

It seems all my bragging was warranted about the Escapees Trolley I helped decorate.  We heard today that the Trolley was judged “Best In Show” at the Livingston Christmas Parade!

We said farewell today to all our fellow Escapees at the daily social hour.  Tomorrow we start moving north and eventually to the Midwest for the Christmas Holidays.  After some amazing weather with temperatures as high as 80 in December, an Alberta Clipper finally has caught up to us.  Temperatures fell to the upper 20’s last night and will stay there for at least a couple more days.  We will be leaving the motor home at a shop while we travel so Gary drained the water system and blew out the water lines so that we won’t risk it freezing up while we are gone.  Alley Cat is ready for the cold of the northern states with her newly grown winter coat.


  1. So I hear you met Nancy and Dave! What a small world, and how funny that you saw them on my blog post before you met them! They are great friends!

  2. Sue, I only chatted with them briefly as we were trying to get on our way north in the car. It was on your Nacogdoches post that I tried to comment that we had been to Xtreme Paint and Graphics before and were heading there again, but that comment was one of the ones that went off into space.