Saturday, December 8, 2012

Helping Out For The Christmas Parade

What have we been up to?  Oh, not a whole lot, just enjoying our home campground and a bit of small town East Texas.  We are taking it a bit easy before our huge trip north and back in the car for Christmas in the Midwest.  In addition to Livingston, we have been to the towns of Conroe, Huntsville, and Cut and Shoot.

I did volunteer to help with the decoration of the Park’s Trolley as it will represent Escapees in the Livingston town Christmas Parade.  Below you can see that on the back of the Trolley is a portable generator that is going to light this thing up like a Christmas Tree.  A lot of the other decorations will be put on at the last minute as the Trolley first has to be driven a few miles into the town of Livingston for the parade.




  1. Did you guys end up getting your wills etc redone?

  2. Didn't get it done this stay, but we will be back in
    Texas for Jan, Feb, and Mar.