Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Movember To Remember?

100_4603It seem likes a worthy undertaking for a guy to grow some facial hair during the month of November to call attention to men’s health issues and specifically to prostate and testicular cancer.  But in Gary’s case, I am very suspicious that it was just an opportunity to grow a beard without me complaining too much about it.  He didn’t know anything about Movember until his son said something about it this Fall.  Further, the real Movember growth is supposed to be a mustache, not a full beard.  And he sure hasn’t raised any charitable contributions by growing it.  And my final suspicion is that it is now December and there haven’t been any signs that the Movember growth is coming off.  But if he really thought I wasn’t going to complain about it, he had and still does have another think coming.

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