Sunday, December 9, 2012

Livingston, TX Christmas Parade


100_4662Last night was the Christmas parade in town.  We didn’t know quite what to expect.  Livingston is a town of about 6,000 people, but there are more than 40,000 in Polk County.  Back in Michigan our local Christmas parade was a daytime event.  We had not been to one at night.  One thing you might expect in a ranching/farming region is there would be no shortage of trailers and vehicles for floats and there wasn’t.  Seems every “float” had a generator and a ton of lights.  It was actually a super impressive production.  We enjoyed it a lot.  The Escapees trolley that I helped decorate was brilliant all light up with its many lights.  Unfortunately, I tired several different camera settings and even when the parade was over I still hadn’t found a good one; I was left will almost all blurry pictures.

There was also an area of arts/crafts and food vendors.  Although we have eaten so many local delicacies across North America, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to sample some of these.  Chicken fried bacon and deep fried Oreos anyone?


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  1. I would have tried the chicken fried bacon. After all, it was a party, right? So you get to have foods you would not normally eat. The Oreos don't attract me at all, though.