Monday, April 29, 2013

A Meteorite Museum


100_5886We had seen on Aerial America that the campus of the University of New Mexico had some very interesting architecture so we drove over to have a look.  The main campus is just north of old Route 66 and some of its 1940s/1950s character.



Many of the buildings of the UNM campus have an adobe look to them.  Throughout the Albuquerque area there are many adobe look buildings and homes.  It gives the city a very unique character.  While at UNM we also took in three small museums that are located on campus – a meteorite museum, a geology museum and an anthropology museum. And, the best part, all three were free.


100_5896This was our first ever meteorite museum.  We occasionally take in the show of a meteorite shower.  But the ones we see never come close to reaching the ground.  Many times they are just ice crystals out of the tailings of a meteor.  These meteorites actually hit the ground and were made of iron or rock or both.  To the right is a picture of the largest single meteorite found in the United States from a hit in Kansas.  Can you imagine how this one lit us the sky as it passed through the atmosphere.

100_5903Our next museum stop was the geology museum.  We always enjoy rock, mineral, and gemstone displays.




100_5910Our final stop was the museum of anthropology.  There is a lot of pre-Columbus history in what is now New Mexico.  There were many Indian Pueblos that date back at least a thousand years.  It is amazing that pottery can survive for that many years.

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