Sunday, April 7, 2013

What Happens In Roswell…..Did Not Happen

100_5636We moved up from Carlsbad to Roswell.  This was another place in New Mexico we were really looking forward to.  Roswell is the city most associated with UFOs and aliens.  In 1947, a farm hand found a debris field from the crash of some kind of craft.  At first, the Army issued a press release saying a flying disk had been found, but higher ups quickly replaced that story with one saying the debris was from a “weather balloon”.  That second story was largely accepted for a number of years until an Army Major who had been in the debris recovery stated that he believed the Army covered up what had been the recovery of an alien spacecraft.  This led to many additional “witnesses” coming forward with stories of how alien life forms had been recovered as well.

Public clamor over this incident eventually led in the 1990s to an official investigation and report by the Air Force.  Of course they concluded that the spaceship was a balloon from a top-secret program and that the aliens were parachute dummies.  But to this day there are many who still believe a flying saucer and aliens were recovered and they have a lot of “evidence’ to point to.

We believe that earth may well have been visited by alien spaceships but likely not in this particular incident in Roswell.  But it makes for a lot of kitsch in Roswell and we like our kitsch.


100_5745-001Gary bought a great T-shirt with a saying we borrowed for the title of this blogpost:  What Happens in Roswell Stays in Roswell Did Not Happen

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