Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Water As Hard As ………Bones?

HardnessMapWe have noticed that as we moved into west Texas that water has become exceedingly hard.  We always ask about the water when we check in at a campground.  When we asked at the park we stayed at right outside Big Bend, we were told the water was good, but hard – very hard.  We have some test strips for testing water hardness.  This water measured at least 10 times harder than the upper end of what would be considered soft.  So we looked up a map of water hardness across the United States and sure enough we have moved from the relatively soft water of the East and South to the rock hard water 100_5472of southwestern Texas.  But the map also says we are going to be staying in the hard water region as we move north.  We carry and use a small portable water softener.  You can see the calcium on the mat below the softener and on the ground.   No need to drink milk for its calcium with water this hard.  

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