Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Petroglyphs

We recently reported on our visit to the rock carvings of Southeastern New Mexico at the BLM’s Three Rivers Petroglyphs Area.  In Albuquerque, they also have petroglyphs designated as a National Monument.  The area we toured is a ridge of volcanic rock spewed from a line of volcanoes.  It is not far from the Rio Grande River and the Indians of New Mexico over time had moved from areas that become ever more arid to the river valley.  Again, it is not clear just why the rock carvings were made and just what they signify, but we think it is very clear that the last one of our pictures below is of a rock carving of a alien visitor.



We nearly passed on the Three Rivers site as we knew we were going to Albuquerque and that the Petroglyphs National Monument was there.  That would have been a mistake.  The carvings at Three Rivers were more concentrated and they turned out to be our favorites.  We now know that a BLM Area may be every bit as good if not better than a National Monument.

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