Saturday, June 15, 2013

Denver Area Epilogue

It was time that we finish up in the Denver area and move on.  Gary wanted to play one last poker tournament, so we trekked out to Blackhawk again, and this time he finished 6th out of about 60 players and got back exactly what he had paid to play.  In total, he played in six tournaments, cashed in three of them, and was a clear net winner.  As he is retired and can declare whatever occupation he wants for himself, he has decided that he now is a professional poker player.  Now, before you start laughing, he hasn’t just had success playing poker in Colorado.  He has been a net poker winner in Las Vegas including three small tournament wins and has probably about broken even in all his other poker play.  So, if he wants to say he is a poker professional, so be it.  We will be spending a month or so in Nevada later this year, so watch out poker players.

100_6519We also went out to Blackhawk so that we could stop in the town of Golden and take the Coors Brewery tour.  They bill this location as the largest single site brewery in the United States and it is a huge complex.





We hadn’t taken many good hat pictures lately but we found the opportunity for this one in the gift shop at Coors.  Wow, does he have a spiky head of blonde hair.





Our hearts went out to the people of Colorado Springs who lost their homes in the Black Forest fire.  The campground we were at was right at the southern boundary of the evacuation zone.  We don’t know if they ever had to evacuate or not, but hope everything is OK there.

100_6546It got hot in Denver.  One day it hit 100 degrees which was a new record for that day.  Such heat certainly didn’t help the wildfire situation.  It was nice to have a pool at the campground.



100_6567So, it was time to be moving on and further north.  We have moved on up to the Black Hills of South Dakota passing through eastern Wyoming on the way.  We will be here for around two weeks and then will go to a rally in Gillette, Wyoming for the fourth of July week.   We then will be working our way to the other side of the Rocky Mountains and starting the slow trek back south.

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