Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

100_6457We took a huge day trip – as in over a 200 mile day trip – through Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is one of the larger and oldest of the National Parks.  It is a very alpine park.  It has 72 peaks that are above 12,000 feet in elevation.  Nearly one third of the Park is above the treeline at 11,400 feet of elevation in this area.  It has the highest major through highway in the United States – Trail Ridge Road -- topping out at 12,183 feet above sea level.

100_6470The Road has only been open a few days so far this year.  Here is a shot of the sign at the continental divide that had to be shoveled out to be seen.  The Road conditions were very good, but Gary had a bout of “height fright” as we were approaching the highest altitude of the road.  He was doing great as we came up through the trees, but as we went up above the trees, not only were the trees gone that could hold you back if you went off the road 1091981252_trailridgebut there were no guard rails either.  We were still doing great as were were on the inside lane as we traversed the mountains, but then there was a hairpin turn switchback that put us on the outside lane for the next cross of the mountain.  There was a visitor’s center right at the switch back so Gary pulled in there for a break.  He didn’t feel comfortable to drive that next stretch across the side of the mountain so I drove it even though I was about as scared of it as he was.  But we made it on up to the top and back down again, but for us it was about as scary a drive as it was beautiful a drive.




100_6490The park is beautiful – the mountains, valleys, lakes, and the fragile tundra as you literally drive across the tops of the mountains.  We planned ahead and a picnic lunch to enjoy in the Park. 

We’ll have more to report from Rocky Mountain in our next blog.

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  1. Love the pics. Dawn too has a hard time when we get above the trees with NO rails!!!
    Looks like your having a great time