Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moose Sighting And Elk Too

Last year throughout Maine, the Atlantic Provinces, and Quebec, I was always lamenting that I never saw a moose.  There were moose warning signs everywhere, but no actual moose.  We were in these areas for over two months.  You would have thought I would have seen a moose.

We weren’t really expecting to see moose in Rocky Mountain National Park.  But as they say…….when you least expect it…..  Within a couple miles of entering the park we saw a pack of cars ahead parked roadside.  That usually means some sort of wildlife sighting.  I told Gary to slow down and as we entered the traffic jam, sure enough, there was my moose scene.  And this was not just any moose scene.  This one was of a cow and her playful calf.  I was elated.


And we weren’t even thinking about elk, much less seeing them, but we wound up seeing a dozen elk in the park.  We saw another car stopped by the side of the road and got the shot below left of a magnificent buck.  Shortly thereafter, we saw many resting in a meadow including this group below right.


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