Saturday, June 8, 2013

Downtown Denver

We hadn’t done much exploring of the Denver area as I was back visiting in Detroit and Gary was bonding with the kitty.  So, now it is time to get out and about and see some things.

We are located just a couple of miles from a station on Denver’s light rail system, so we took the opportunity to ride it into the downtown rather than driving.  That was a good call.  It was a efficient and modern system that saved us the hassle of navigating the city streets and parking.

100_5715We hopped off at the Convention Center Station and what was awaiting us but a giant blue bear peering into the Center.

We went to the Denver US Mint, but were very disappointed that all the slots for tours for the entire months of June and July already were taken.  We would like to have seen a factory that can make as many as 50 million coins a day.  Gary at least got an amazing deal on souvenirs.  They had a machine dispensing uncirculated quarters, four for a dollar.


100_5727We then walked over to see the famous gold dome of the Colorado State Capitol Building.  Oops, it is closed for renovation including new gold leaf.  On one of the steps leading into the Capitol, you are at an elevation of exactly 5,380 feet.  Denver really is the mile-high city.



100_5728We saw the outside of Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team.  They were out of town and there was no way to get inside and see the field.

It certainly wasn’t our best city tour but we were able to sample some good brews at some small breweries, especially as we were walking and riding the train.

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  1. Sounds a little disappointing, but as you know, its not always perfect! Did u see Confluence Park? Its a river in downtown where u can go tubing. cool. we did the Coors tour- free tour and 3 free beers! even the locals go!