Monday, June 16, 2014

Harry And David

DSCN0145No, not a couple guys we met at a campground.  This Harry and David is the premium food and gift retailer  Most of their operations are in Medford, Oregon and we took a tour.  We knew of Harry and David.  We were on their catalog mailing list for a number of years and I ordered a gift basket from them once.  But during the tour, we were quite surprised to learn of the extent of their operations.  The company began as a grower and seller of premium pears.  Today, they have a million square feet of floor space, 700,000 pear trees, 1,600 full time employees, and another 6,000 temporary employees for the holiday season.

Shown below are a couple pictures from the “Moose Munch” (caramel corn) operation:


And then the cinnamon swirl:


Candy making:


Some packing operations:



And as Harry and David owned Jackson and Perkins roses for some years, they also have a lovely rose garden out in front of their headquarters:


All in all, the Harry and David tour was quite the surprise and delight.

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  1. We get their catalog and have received the occasional gift, but I did not realize they actually made stuff.