Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mount Shasta

IMG_1194This is one spectacular volcanic peak.  We could catch glimpses of it 80 miles away when we were are Lassen Peak but it came into ever sharper focus as we traveled toward it.  We take pictures at times through the windshield of the motor home – often State border signs and such – but this had to be one of the most awesome sights we ever snapped through the windshield.


What makes this mountain so majestic beyond its over 14,000 foot height is the fact that it essentially stands alone, unconnected to any other nearby mountains.  There is another major crater on the other side from the view above and as shown below along with a shot from the town of Weed (nice backdrop for a town) and a couple other shots as well.



This volcanic peak last blew about 200 years ago.  We read that there is an active sulfur steam vent near the top of the mountain indicating it is still very potentially active.


  1. I really like the first shot

  2. Beautiful! We have yet to explore the Pacific northwest.