Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Oregon Coast

We traveled The Oregon Coast Highway -- Route 101, actually starting in the area of Crescent City, California about 250 miles north to Newport, Oregon.  We spent a couple nights in Coos Bay/North Bend and then on to Newport. Along the way we saw some whales.  (You will have to trust us on that one, we couldn’t snap any pictures of them.)

We saw some murals on buildings – Crescent City is noted for them


We saw lighthouses:


We saw some fields where almost all of the bulbs for Easter Lilies are grown:


We saw lots of Pacific coast line:



We saw and crossed many a bridge spanning over rivers right before they emptied into the Pacific:


We saw and hiked on dunes:


We saw some kitsch as well:


And there were lots of curves on the road often passing through thick green foliage, sometimes around shoreline cliffs, and very often in the rain:


And then there was one last bridge to cross to arrive in Newport:


The Oregon Coast Highway was quite the trip. (Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.)

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  1. That is some beautiful country through there. I've ridding my bicycle in that area as well as trips when I was living in Washington. When compared to the Midwestern humidity, you are in a great location right now.