Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pacific Shores Motor Coach Resort

DSCN0470We have been “camped” in Newport, Oregon since a week ago Sunday.   We are staying at a place called Pacific Shores Motor Coach Resort  This is the first time we ever have stayed in an RV Park that only allows motor homes; we once stayed in a park that had a motor home-only section. 

DSCN0472We found this park through the Escapees internet forum.  An owner of a lot in this Park was offering it for rent or sale.  We wanted to spend some time at the Pacific and we were also fretting a bit about where we would find a campsite for the 4th of July, so we decided to make Newport, Oregon our home for a month.

It truly is at the Pacific shore, albeit on a bluff about a hundred feel above the sea, but there is a path down to the beach, which is a spectacular beach with a lighthouse at the south end of the crescent.  We have an “ocean glimpse” site – if you look in just the right place out of one of the bedroom windows, you get a little glimpse of the Pacific (not the ones shown below).


DSCN0474Alley cat seems to like it here and that is  what really matters.  It is pretty quiet so she has been able to get out for a daily walk.  She always is the darling of the campground walking on her leash with her pretty pink holster.


  1. I recall seeing this MH park when we were staying at the TT in Newport, OR. Looked nice from the road, but too rich for my blood.

    1. The rack rates here are ridiculous at from $60 to $90 a night and then more than half the park is empty. That is likely why our landlord went outside the rental pool. We are paying under $25 a day which is a win/win for us and the owner.

  2. Alley is one lucky cat to have human companions to fulfill her wishes!

  3. Happy 4th to you, enjoy the day and the cool temps. It looks like a terrific spot. Strange how things work out during the times you are wondering what to do.