Tuesday, August 12, 2014

International Rose Test Garden

DSCN1053Portland, Oregon has one amazing rose garden.  The garden was established in 1917 as a place where European rose growers could send rose bushes so they could be safe from the ravages of World War I.  Thereafter and until today, rose hybridists from across the US and from around the world send roses to the garden to be grown and evaluated along side all the classic roses of the world.  Some of the roses simply have names like X21 or some other experimental designation before they may be commercialized with names.  There are over 7,000 rose bushes of approximately 550 varieties in the garden.  June is peak rose bloom season, but there were still plenty of blooms in August.  In addition to the blooms we were also taken by how tall, healthy, and strong all the bushes were which made it very easy to enjoy the various aromas.  And without further adieu here are some of our favorites from our extended stroll through the International Rose Test Garden”":