Monday, August 11, 2014

Mt Hood

DSCN0978They all have their Volcanoes here in the Pacific Northwest.  Northern California has Mt Shasta.  Up in Seattle they have Mt Rainier.  And here in Portland it is Mt Hood.  These Volcanic peaks are very different from the mountains we have experienced the last three years.  Although they are a part of the Cascade Range, they tend to stand alone in all their majesty and are shaped as you would expect from a volcano.


DSCN0969We took a drive out to Mt Hood and took a hike up to Mirror Lake expecting to find a beautiful mirror image of the peak reflected by the lake.  Unfortunately, there just a bit too much wind blowing across the water and the mirror didn’t work.  But if you use your imagination, you can visualize what an incredible image it would be.



DSCN0977Gary wanted a trail where he could try out his new boots purchased at the Danner Boots factory store in Portland.  Danner makes boots for the Marine Corps.  The new boots seemed to function well on a 4-mile round trip hike with an elevation change of about 700 feet.  We stopped for an ale in the town of Government Camp at Mt Hood Brewing Company – “a brewery with an altitude”.


  1. All those peaks in the area make the northwest special.