Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mt St Helens

DSCN1081After 10 weeks we finally rolled out of the State of Oregon.  We headed north and crossed over the Columbia River and into Washington State.  We made a quick stop in the town of Vancouver, Washington and had our hydronic heating unit serviced.  Essentially, the heating system of our motor home is a diesel fired boiler and a series of radiators inside the the coach.  After the service and a quick repair we were on our way to an RV park near Mt St Helens.

And wouldn’t you know it, on our last full day in Oregon we washed the motor home and car only to have it rain as we headed north from Vancouver.  By the time we arrived at the park, we had a nice layer of road film and grime on our newly cleaned rig.

DSCN1084We had visited this area 15 years ago and only booked two nights at the RV park.  Unfortunately, the clouds that gave the the rain that dirtied our motor home, hung around for both days and once again you will have to use your imagination to view what is left of the peak of the mountain.


DSCN1108At least we took a picture of a picture to try to show the before and after of the mountain blowing its top.


DSCN1088We knew about the giant cloud of ash and the huge river of mud, but we really hadn’t known about the damage that the shock wave from the blast caused.  It knocked down thousands of acres of tree and literally splintered them as shown in this pictures of a couple of stumps left in its wake

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