Sunday, June 26, 2016

Father's Week in Charleston, SC

Why limit the celebration of fathers to a day? My son through work won a trip to an ocean side resort in Charleston. He suggested we time our trip north in the travel trailer to coincide with his trip and see my grandson Victor's first visit to the ocean. So, of course, that's where we went. How could a father's week be any better than that?  And have we ever been known to turn down the beach?


We found a nearby KOA campground in Mt Pleasant, SC. Being a KOA in the shadow of a major city, it was over $50 a night even on a weekly rate, but it was by far the closest campground to the resort.


We spent most of our time over at the resort both at the beach and the pool. Our grandson Victor is nearing two years old. The ocean was a little intimidating to him. And he fell face first into a little tidal pool so his beach time was somewhat tentative. But he picked many a shell for his Mommy, made some sand castles, and did have some great moments.



He really liked the pool and his float. He is good at making Grandpa chase the balls that he throws.



We really didn't see much of Charleston this trip but we each have been there at least two times before. But we did make at least one trip over the beautiful US 17 Bridge across the Cooper river into the city.


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