Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Very Special Day In Columbus

Well, we are finally in the Midwest for the Summer.  After our week in Charleston, we took three days to move up to Columbus.  Gary still is getting used to pulling the trailer.  Trucks as they pass us seem to move us around more than with the much heavier motor home.  And I can see that he has to keep both hands on the wheel at all times.  Our mileage guideline of about 250 max miles per day still seems right.

The first night we camped very near the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  We didn’t go much beyond visiting a couple breweries.  The next night was Beckley, West Virginia, just a night after the rains that created the hundred year flood in some areas.  The flooding did not affect our travels.

And on the third travel day we arrived in Columbus where we will spend the next couple weeks camped near our son, daughter in law, and nearly two- year-old grandson – all the same ones we were with in Charleston.

After we set up on Saturday, the crew came by on Sunday for some swimming, petting the Alley cat (young Victor really hadn’t played with a kitty), and a weenie roast meal.




We last were here just about 2 months ago.  At that time, Victor wasn’t yet saying too much of anything – just some occasional words.  But now he is up to some serious talking.  He knows his colors, the names of all his toys, counting to ten, etc.  But Gary probably has been trying to get him to say “Grandpa” for at least a year.   Well, guess what?  Sure enough Gary said, “say Grandpa, Victor”.  And sure enough, out came that coveted word, “Grandpa”.  And then he said it several more times too.


And as they all were leaving, I was over by the truck.  Andy said, “Victor, say bye to Grandma”.  I didn’t hear it directly, but they called me closer to the truck as they told me he has said, “Grandma”.  We were both pretty chuffed.  It is moments like these for which we are here for the Summer in our travel trailer.

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