Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, Florida

It was overdue that we actually get out and camp in our new trailer. After all we purchased the trailer in February and it took us until May to take it to an RV park.


This was our first shake down trip in anticipation of our Summer of traveling with it. We chose to go not too far; in fact, we stayed in our home county. But we did get to pull the trailer at speeds on the interstate and we wound up at a great RV park -- Jetty Park at Port Canaveral in Cape Canaveral, Florida.


So the jetty at Port Canaveral helps to define a channel for all ships that sail into the port. And just what is Port Canaveral?   It is one of the largest passenger cruise ports in the world.  In 2015, over 4 million people sailed from this port. Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean are among the cruise lines that operate out of Port Canaveral. As if Orlando isn't enough of a tourist destination, the cruise lines have tapped into the mass of visitors who pass through this part of Florida.

Jetty Park is right on the Atlantic. In fact our campsite was all of about a hundred yards to the ocean. And there is a restaurant/entertainment center in the port area where we dined a couple times and once watched as a cruise ship was sailing out right outside our restaurant view.


And there is also a casino cruise line -- Victory that sails twice a day out of Port Canaveral and this is what jogged our memory of the RV park there. We went on the casino "cruise"; it sails out 3 miles into international waters, floats for a few hours, and then cruises back in. After our casino cruise, we toured the RV park and went there with the trailer the next week.



The shake down trip went well. We determined some modifications we want to make, but all in all it suggested we will be ready to travel soon.

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  1. Thanks for the blog on Jetty Park. We've cruised out of Port Canaveral a few times and are considering a cruise in August. Trying to decide where we'd like to leave our MH while on the cruise.