Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Florida’s Coast to Coast Bike Trail

When we first wintered in Titusville, Florida, we soon noticed that there was an abandoned railway across the highway from the RV park.  The rails were gone and it was overgrown being reclaimed by the Florida “jungle”.

We have ridden some great bike trails from Acadia National Park in Maine to the Rogue River Valley in Oregon.  So whenever we see an abandoned railway, we always longingly wish “bike trail”, but knowing that all the practical issues that surround “rails to trails” will kick in and it likely never will happen.

So it has been a real shocker four and a half years later that the old railway across the highway from our RV park is indeed becoming a bike trail.  And this is not just some ordinary bike trail.  It will be a part of a connected series of trails that will carry riders 275 miles from the beach of the Atlantic Ocean here in Titusville to the sands of the Gulf of Mexico in St Petersburg.  (Click on the map or pictures for larger views.)


This project truly seems likely to happen.  The State of Florida has allocated $50 million over 5 years to its design and development.  It is intended that the coast to coast trail will be yet another drawing for Florida tourism.  Check out the bicycle bridge that already has been built over a busy street in Titusville and the sections about ready to be paved across the highway from us.



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