Saturday, October 1, 2011

Smokey Mountains

On our way to Myrtle Beach, we stopped for a few days in the Smokey Mountains.    On the road through the National Park, we actually caught brief glimpses of a black bear foraging along the side of the road. 

After visiting the park we decided to take a shortcut back to our campsite.  The road was very winding with switchbacks every 100 feet or so.  At one point, the pavement ended and we were driving on a dirt one-lane road not knowing where we would end up.  Finally, we reached pavement again and were relieved to be back in civilization.

We enjoyed Asheville a lot.  It is a very vibrant city.  We passed on visiting the Biltmore as it costs $55 each for admission.  Advanced purchase of tickets could have lowered it to $45, but for our budget would have felt better at about $30.   And then we could well pass through there again sometime.

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