Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Trip to Wilmington, NC

This past Saturday we made the small journey up the coast to Wilmington.  We talked about going there every time we had ever been to Myrtle Beach, and this time we finally did it.  What a vibrant water front area.  There were restaurants, shops, tours, boats and ships on the Cape Fear River, a river walk, and tons of people.  The river was obviously the hub of entertainment activity for this city.

But it made us think of how Detroit has never really been able to capitalize on its riverfront.  Mayor Archer tried to anchor an entertainment district by trying to buy riverfront land for the permanent sites for the three casinos, but that failed when the courts ruled that the city would have to pay for the land at prices that it would be worth with the casinos already there.   So, it didn’t happen and now the land is worth less than ever.

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