Sunday, October 23, 2011

Class of 2011

In prior blog posts, we have mentioned Escapees, the premier organization of full time RVers.  One of their services is an internet forum covering a wide range of subject areas ranging from beginning RVing to internet access on the road to RV housekeeping.  One woman posts yummy recipe after recipe all of which she has made in her fifth wheel kitchen.

Gary has spent many hours on these forums researching the multitude of the things we needed to know and to decide in going full time.  Our cell phone and internet technology and our satellite system are almost fully based on information gleaned from this site.

One of the forums is “graduating to full timing”.  Each year there is a “class” of the people who are going to launch as full timers in that year.  We are members of the “Class of 2011”.  Many other people who have and will become full timers in 2011 post in this thread.  There is a certain kinship with those who are launching with you.  We have noticed that people keep posting in their class threads years after they have launched and sometimes arrange get togethers with class mates and meet up on the road and at rallies.

This past week, we met our first set of classmates – heyduke.  We met at a Myrtle Beach Sports Café and played as a team in their weekly live trivia competition.  We had lots to talk about and questions for each other.  We were very glad that we decided to get together and may well meet up again sometime and somewhere in Florida this winter.  And we will hope to meet some of our other classmates in various locations in the future.

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