Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Myrtle Beach Campgrounds

Gary here for this post.  After our last post, Heyduke50 asked for our input on Myrtle Beach campgrounds. 

We are staying at Lakewood Camping Resort (the second time we have stayed here) which is a bit south of the city.  It is what I would consider one of the big four campgrounds here with the others being Ocean Lakes and Pirateland very near to Lakewood, and Myrtle Beach Travel Park (we stayed there once) which is north of the city.

These four campgrounds are all located at the beach.  They are massive and have loads of amenities.    They all have permanent residents in addition to the transients.  In the summertime, they command $60 to $70 a night.  This time of year they are more in the $45 to $50 a night range, but we chose Lakewood because they gave us what we considered a fantastic rate of $25 a night when we prepaid a 30 night stay (with all the taxes, fees, etc., it is more like $30 a night).  We had a slight preference for Myrtle Beach Travel Park, but they wouldn’t even consider matching the rate.  Their best was 7 nights for the price of six which still would have made it over $40 a night plus taxes and fees.

There are a few other options.  Apache is also on the beach, but I just don’t have the impression it measures up to the “Big 4”.  There are also the KOA and Briarcliffe, but they are off the beach  (Briarcliffe is Passport America affiliated).  And there are also two state parks – Myrtle Beach (without any sewer hookups) and Huntington Beach in Murrell’s Inlet which does have some full hookups and could be a very viable option if you are not staying a month and you can get it (seems to be very popular offseason).

Here is the link for RVParkReviews for Myrtle Beach.  We use this site a lot for user reviews on camp grounds.  And we need to start contributing to it as well.


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