Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Man and His Kite

Not a whole lot to report but with this posting title and picture, the weather clearly has taken a turn back to the good after a bout with a subtropical storm that hit us with sheets of rain and wind.

We will be in Myrtle Beach for another week, before heading north in the car to attend the wedding of Gary’s son, Andy, in Columbus, Ohio.  When we return to Myrtle Beach we will spend one more week here at the beach.   Our Par 3 golfing could use a bit more work and we may even step up to an executive length course.

After years of our hobby of attending garage and estate sales on weekends, we couldn’t take not going any longer and yesterday hit the Myrtle Beach garage sale scene.  Gary snared a new putter and a $3 beach umbrella.  I found a small cooler to replace one we apparently lost in the storm winds.  We had said our garage sale days were over now that we are living in a motor home, but old habits die hard.

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  1. we just got to myrtle beach and will be here for 10 days in two different parks... looks like that was hard kite flying...