Monday, June 4, 2012

Fenway Park and Cheers

100_5436We keep  track of our Detroit Tigers and were aware that they still would be playing in Boston when we arrived in that area.  We found some tickets off of Craigslist and went to the final game of the series.  Gary was really excited to go to Fenway.  There are only two really classic old ballparks left in Major League Baseball.  One is Wrigley Field in Chicago where Gary saw his first ever pro game exactly 50 years ago.  The other is Fenway Park with its classic “green 100_5437monster” left field wall. It could not have been much better.  The rain held off.  It was a good pitching matchup between Josh Beckett and Max Scherzer.  The lead see sawed back and forth.  And the Tigers won the game – their only win of the four-game series.  Fenway is a mix of a classic old park supplemented with some very modern technology such as two huge high-definition LED video boards.

Before the game, we had a bite to eat at that place that for years told us, “everybody knows your name"”.  Yes, we went to the location that inspired Cheers.  The exterior of the property as exactly as used to be shown on the TV program.  The inside is not exactly the same and all the shots from the bar were actually on a sound stage anyway.  Naturally, they have a large gift shop with all kinds of Cheers trinkets and trash.  But it was a fun place with lots of tourists cycling through including other Tiger fans going to the game.



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  1. My son was at that game too- he lived in Michigan with us for a year or so, and figured whichever way the game went, he won, although having lived in Boston most of his life, he was rooting for the Sox.