Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Bay of Fundy

100_2982We moved on up from St John to Moncton, New Brunswick.  From there we spent another day exploring the Bay of Fundy.  We drove down to the Hopewell Rocks.  These rock formations are along the shore line of Hopewell Cape.  We arrived in the mid morning at low tide.  Then, you can walk among the rocks along the shoreline when later in the day it will be covered with the ocean.   The rocks themselves are quite unique in that they are not solid rock, but rather are sedimentary rocks and  other material that are compressed into rock formations.

After walking the sea floor, we drove on down to Fundy National Park for a few hours before returning to Hopewell for high tide.  This National Park is a preserve for Acadian forest, the forest region of the very Northeast of the United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  The trees are a mix pine, fir, birch, and spruce.  We hiked to a nice waterfall,  We also stopped right outside the park at a bakery someone had recommended to us where we purchase their sticky buns.  It was a nice tasty change of pace from our seafood tour.


Back at Hopewell Rocks, we observed the area at high tide, which was about 40 feet above the level of the earlier low tide.


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