Friday, June 1, 2012

A Visit With A Former Boss

100_5417-001In all my many years with Ford Motor Company, I always had nice bosses – very smart and professional people who always treated me with respect and appreciation.  As we were in the Boston area, I knew that my next-to-last boss with Ford, Dennis Ross,  was now a senior executive with State Street Bank in Boston.  We were able to secure a short meeting with him in his office.  It was very nice to see him.  He was I think genuinely and keenly interested in what we are up to in this full timing life.  Gary also knows Dennis from his days at Ford and he asked us a bunch of questions about our lifestyle and we had a good laugh during many of them.  It was fun to catch up about family, friends, and colleagues and we were very glad he was in and was able to share some time with us.  We meet tons of new people as we travel about, but it is especially nice to see some people whom we have known for years.

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