Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pollen, Pollen, Pollen

Wow, what is up this year with all the tree pollen.  Is this just an east coast thing or is everyone experiencing much higher levels of pollen this year?  It started while we still were in Florida and we have been moving north with it ever since.  I think we are stuck right in the peak season of it every time we move a bit farther north.  Why am I writing about it?  Well, we had to take a good part of two days to clean all of the yellowish green stuff off our vehicles.  Not every campground will let you wash your vehicles.  Our campground in Maine allowed it with a bit of an extra charge so we just had to get the majority of this greenish yellow stuff off the motor home especially.  We were afraid it was going to stain the awning fabrics.  When we were near Boston, we would pass this black car each day that was sitting under a bunch of trees in an individual’s lot.  It was a black car, but you could hardly tell it through the thick yellow layer of pollen.  Gary says his eyes are far more irritated than usual and I think I have some allergic reaction to it as well.  Maybe it has to do with the mild Winter, but whatever caused it, we hope it will stop falling at least before the plant pollens take over.

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  1. not just east coast - we had a nearly yellow car and motorhome when we left Oregon...