Saturday, June 16, 2012

Visiting With Florida Friends………In Maine

100_2732One of the many nice things of the RV park we stayed in this past Winter in Florida was that we were surrounded by so many experienced RVers.  It seemed everyone there had years and years of RVing under their belts.  We received lots of advice for this year of travel.  When we mentioned that would be heading through Maine this year, someone noted that a couple just a few sites from us works at Acadia National Park in the Summer.  So what better source could there be to get advice for that part of our travels.   Well, it wasn’t just that they had worked there – that had worked there ten of the last twelve years.   They were happy to give us campground recommendations, advice on the route, and encouraged us to contact them when we arrived.  Well, that is just what we did.  Here we are with our friends from Florida, Charley and Dorothy.

100_2749-001They day we got in, we met up with Charlie and Dorothy for dinner at a wonderful restaurant they recommended,  And what did we have for dinner – Lobster of course.  In this case it was “Lazy Man’s Lobster”  meaning they already had extracted the meat from the lobster and served it up in a dish of garlic butter.  The next day, they took us on an introductory driving tour of the Acadia National Park and the Island that houses it, Mount Desert Island, and its major town  of Bar Harbor.  Charley missed his calling.  He should be giving history and nature tours of the Island.  We stopped for lunch at our first “lobster pound”.  There are many lobster pounds in this area.  It is basically a lobster shack, just a small building with live tanks for the lobsters and other shell fish in a streaming tank, and picnic tables.  And after a lobster dinner, what did the two women of our group have for lunch – lobster of course.  And this time it was whole lobster in the shell.

100_2730We met up with Charley and Dorothy again a couple of days later for dinner with them and several of their workkamping  colleagues who all have sites in a small campground behind the national park headquarters.  And what did, Dorothy, the tiniest member of the group have for dinner?  Yes, lobster again and this time the lobster roll we reported on in a couple of our earlier posts.

So, what does Acadia Park look like.  Here is just a little taste of what the shoreline looks like.  There are mountains, one over 1,500 feet high, the tallest ocean side mountain north of Brazil.  There are lakes, trees, carriage roads, animals and birds.  We are still working on our exploration and will have more to tell soon,

We will meet up at least one more time with Charley and Dorothy for, you guessed it, some more lobster.  By the way, they have been full timing in motor homes for 15 years now. 

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