Monday, September 24, 2012

A Week With Grandma BooneDocks

We left Detroit a week ago right after completing the chassis service on our motor home.  The main item we had done was the installation of a new set of shock absorbers.  We felt we had been porpoising too much on bumps in the road.  Our motor home only has a bit over 25,000 miles on it, so you might not think it would need new shocks, but we just didn’t feel we were really safe in some of these bouncing sessions, so we bit the bullet and ordered up a set of the best shocks we could find – Road Kings.  When Gary picked it up at the shop, the old shocks were lying nearby.  He picked up a rear shock and was able to compress it quite a bit just pushing down on the top.  He then tried one of the old front shocks.  He was able to compress it all the way down very easily.  We truly were driving with totally worn out shocks.  The new shocks are great.  The bounce is gone and the handling is improved somewhat as well.  We had the chassis lubed and inspected.  Everything checked out well.

100_4026We drove about 200 miles southwest to Indiana where we camped for a week to visit Gary’s mom.  Grandma BooneDocks (at some stage it seems all moms become known as Grandma instead), turned 90 last month.  She now resides in a nursing home.  We visited her for seven straight days.  When she moved from her home, Andy scanned all of her many pictures.  We show them to her now on my iPad and she enjoys the memories she gets from them.  One day, we took Alley cat with us and Grandma got joy from petting a kitty and hearing her purr.


100_4025Just as I made a pie to celebrate Gary’s birthday last month, I also made a pie for us to celebrate Grandma’s recent birthday.  This time is was a peach pie.  We had pie and ice cream one day (I buy the little individual ice cream cups at Walmart) and probably ruined Grandma’s dinner, but she enjoyed a fresh-baked pie.  But we didn’t put any candles on it

100_0011And we experienced another eating treat.  One night we went out to dinner with Gary’s brother and sister in law.  We have mentioned in an earlier blogpost an Indiana breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.  Well……………here it is.  it’s a slice of pork tenderloin pounded out thin, breaded, and then deep fried.  There should be as much meat hanging outside the bun as there is under it.  One of these days, we are going to have to stop eating all these local delicacies.

Tomorrow we are headed over to Celina, Ohio for a little bit of annual maintenance on the house portion of the motor home after which we will be working our way south to the Gulf Coast.

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