Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fireworks Stores and State Lines

Why is it that there generally seem to be fireworks stores at the borders between states?  We have noticed this phenomenon throughout our travels.  We remember some years back that if you bought fireworks in Indiana you had to sign this form that you were going to take them out of the state and only use them in another state.  Is that the deal; you buy your fireworks for Michigan in Indiana and you buy your fireworks for Indiana in Michigan, etc.?

0904111041-001And all the billboards for the fireworks stores are in huge competition to offer the best deal – BOGO --buy one get one free and the next sign will be buy one get four free.  But of course a fireworks store in Texas was not about to be outdone – BOGE – Buy One Get Eleven Free.

100_4008On the BOGE sign, I thought the exploding firecrackers also looked like people losing their fingers on their hands.  So, now every time I see a fireworks sign I give Gary the sign of blown off fingers.  And as we cross more and more state lines, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  But sometimes I get confused among the blown off fingers sign, the hook ‘em horns sign, and the Hawaiian hang loose sign.  Oh well, such are the worries of a retiree. 

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