Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back In Michigan

We are back in Michigan for visits with family, friends, doctors, dentists, service shops, and various other recharging needs.  There aren’t many RV parks in the Detroit area and none that are truly convenient to our needs so we have landed back where full timing started for us at “Camp Bagman”.  We camped in the small RV storage area behind his building when we were making the move out of our condo and it served us well, so we asked if we could camp here during our stay in Michigan and Chuck agreed to host us again.


The view in the picture to the right is out of the front window of our motor home.  No, it is not one of the more spectacular vistas we have had, but the location works perfectly for us, we have a 50 amp hookup and can fill our water tank, the pad is solid and level, we have enough space for our slideouts, the sky is clear to the TV satellites, the 3G modem is getting good speeds, and the price couldn’t be any more right, so we are very content spending our three weeks in Michigan here.

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  1. what town are you guys staying in? we'll be in new Hudson at Haas Lake starting around Sept. 14. I'll send you a note and see if we can get together.