Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts of 9/11

As we were hanging around in the motor home at Camp Bagman this morning, we watched some of the remembrance of 9/11 from the Pentagon with the President and Secretary of Defense.  When we blogged about Washington DC back in May, we didn’t write about the Memorial Park at the Pentagon as we wrote so much about other things we saw in DC.  But the Pentagon Memorial is a very moving memorial. 
There are 184 cantilevered benches in the Park, one for each person who died there that day. Each bench is inscribed with the name of a victim. There is a flowing pool of water under each bench.
The benches are organized according to the ages of the victim, ranging from 3 years to 71 years of age.  The benches are further arranged according to whether the victim was on the plane or in the Pentagon building.  At the 125 benches in honor of those who died in the building, the victims’ names and the Pentagon building are in the same view.  For the 59 people who died on the plane, their memorial benches face the other way and their names are observed facing the sky toward the plane’s approach to the building.
We will never forget 9/11 and we will never forget our walk through the Pentagon Memorial.

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