Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family, Friends, and Bloggers

We are approaching the end of our three-week stay in the Detroit area.  The doctor and dentist visits are over.  We have done a fair bit of the shopping we have been needing to do.  We even took in the Wyandotte annual Fall city-wide garage sale and scored a few great bargains   For 50 cents, we bought a very long shafted drill bit that we can use to drill a hole in the ground to make it easier to hammer in our motor home welcome sign.  We made the sojourn to the nearest Camping World but generally only to be disappointed yet again with the lack of inventory at this particular store.  We spent lots of time with friends and family and will miss them, but we will be back again for Christmas.


We finally had the chance to catch up with some fellow full timers and bloggers.  Sue and Paul are not only also from the suburbs of Detroit, they also have major connections to the Ford Motor Company as Paul is retired from there as we are after long careers.  We had over 80 years of experience at Ford at our dinner table.  We have been communicating with them for probably two years now, well before The BooneDocks hit the road.  You can see their blog at:


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