Friday, November 30, 2012

We Visited Our Mailbox, Literally

2012-11-27_10-13-41_242We know, we know, enough with the mailbox stuff already.  This will be the last blog about it.  But this time we really did go visit our mailbox.  We took the official tour of the mailroom, the Escapees administrative offices, and the campground. 

The Escapees mail service is truly impressive.  We were told it is the largest mail forwarding operation in the country.  It has about 10,000 customers (most all of whom are full time RVers) and processes about 25,000 pieces of mail a day.  The mail is trucked to and from the mailroom and the Houston Post Office twice a day.  The mail bypasses the Livingston Post Office not only to speed up delivery, but also the Escapees mailroom processes more mail per day than does the Livingston Post Office.  We did get in this one photo before they told us we couldn’t take any pictures.  But right there over in those file folders is our mailbox.   In the back room was a high speed mail sorting machine employing optical character reading capability.

2012-11-27_10-27-31_320For the campground tour, we rode the park’s trolley.  This vehicle will represent Escapees in the upcoming Livingston Christmas parade.  We will join other volunteers to decorate it.  In spite of all our near daily walks through the park, they showed us a section that we didn’t know existed.  The park has a number of different kinds of sites from dry camping (no water, electric or sewer hookups), to full hookup sites, to long term rentals, to deeded lots with houses/RV garages on them.

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