Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Pinateria and Another Local Delicacy

Before our D-League game we had made a day out of it with John.  We stopped at an outlet mall. Shopping is huge here in the RGV as not only do you have around a million people living in the valley, but there are all the “Winter Texans” here from the North and then millions of people from Mexico to draw from for the shopping as well. John said some of the shopping here has among the very highest grossing sales in the country.

2013-02-23_16-31-46_921We also wanted to take in an RGV flea market of which there are many. We weren’t especially wowed by the offerings but one thing really caught our eye – a pinateria –a store that sells pinatas. There were super colorful pinatas of all sizes and images along with bags and bags of the candy to fill them. Sales seemed to be brisk.  But look at the last picture below.  Who buys a pinata of beautiful young woman to have their children beat it with a stick?  And if filled with candy, that is exactly what is going to happen.  And the bottom left picture – that’s John.



And after shopping but before the game, John took us to Rudy’s BBQ. In the world of BBQ, Texas is especially noted for BBQ Brisket. Gary ordered a portion of moist brisket, not fully knowing what the moist part of that meant. But it became obvious that moist brisket is from the much fattier portion of a brisket. It was super tender, fall apart good, and very flavorful. Texas brisket is a very worthy addition to our ever growing list of local delicacies.

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