Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Heard It Is Windy In The RGV

100_4887We typically research a destination before we arrive.  One thing we consistently read about the Rio Grande Valley is that it is windy.  So when we arrived last Saturday we were pleasantly surprised that the winds were light – about 10 miles per hour.  But ever since Saturday…………. Today the winds are forecast to peak at about 32 mph sustained with gusts to 45 mph.  And even during the night they are predicted to stay above 20 mph all night.  We have awning toppers over our two slideouts.  Generally they keep dust, leaves and other debris off the tops of the slideouts for when you pull them back in.  But in winds like these they flap and when they flap they become noisy.  And the head of our bed is underneath one of the these toppers.  So we have been experimenting with methods to reduce the 100_4880-001flapping.  Somewhere we read about people using partially inflated beach balls stuffed in between the top of the slideout and the topper.  It seemed like a good idea to us and we purchased some beach balls back when we were preparing for full timing.  But we never had used them until we arrived in the Texas gulf coast region.  We first tried them out in Port Aransas.  They reduced the flapping but they had a tendency to work their way out and blow away.  One of them we never did find.  We are trying them again here in the RGV.  And we are chasing them all over the park.  We have put a phone number on them so that if someone finds one, they will hopefully let us know.  We keep stuffing them in a little father under the toppers and hopefully this is going to work.  If they don’t work, we are going to have a hard time sleeping with the noise.  At worst case, we could have to pull in the slideouts.  Yes, it is windy in the RGV.

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