Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Texas-Sized Potluck

Ok, we know we have already blogged about potlucks a few times and recently as well, but this time we added a new element to our potluck repertoire.  In our last blogpost, we mentioned that Gary had purchased something at a garage sale that we were keeping a secret.  Well now it is time to unveil that secret in all of its food-laden glory.  Gary purchased a Texas-sized and Texas-shaped ‘‘plate” for a dollar and unveiled it at our most recent potluck here in the park.  Isn’t it a beauty?  Meat loaf in Amarillo.  Slaw in Dallas.  Baked Beans in Texarkana.  Potato salad in Houston/Galveston. Jalapeno pie in the Corpus Christi. A bacon- wrapped jalapeno in the Rio Grande Valley. A deviled egg in Laredo.  Bread in El Paso.   But who ate San Antonio and Austin before the picture?



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