Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Local Delicacy–The Tamale Truck

100_4769We have reported on a number of local food delicacies during our travels.  Our latest was found right here in our RV Park via the tamale truck.  Of course we are familiar with ice cream trucks but this was our very first time seeing a tamale truck.  The tamale truck passes through the park two to three times a week.  They have tamales with a few different stuffings.  The order quantity is a dozen, but they are relatively small and it is very possible for two people to down a dozen in a sitting.  (Ask us how we know this.)

We also stumbled upon the best deep-fried shrimp we have ever had.  We decided to go out for dinner one night and targeted a particular restaurant, but not every restaurant here is open every night.  Sure enough, the one we wanted to go to was closed.  We drove by another one and it was closed too.  So we made our way over to Kody’s which we had seen was open on our way into town.  They had a Wednesday night all-you-can-eat fried shrimp special.  With an all-you-can-eat special, you might well expect a batch of uncleaned, overcooked, rubbery, and heavily-battered shrimp.  These were fantastic – large, butterflied, lightly battered, with plenty of juicy tenderness left in.  We will go back!

100_4818And as long as we are on the subject of eating – Sunday morning, Gary made breakfast.  While our motor home was in the paint shop during the holidays, we emptied everything out of the refrigerator and shut it off.  Gary lost his precious jar of bacon grease in the process.  With the bacon we had Sunday, the new bacon grease jar now has been topped off and all is good again from the standpoint of cooking with grease.

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