Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Local Food Delicacy

100_7971One of our email followers recently wrote and noted that we hadn’t reported on any local food delicacies lately.  He was right.  We hadn’t reported on food much since talking about New Mexico peppers back in May.  We really don’t remember anything uniquely Colorado food-wise.  But as we moved into South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, there has been some range food to savor.  Shown at the right are some Buffalo and Elk jerky sticks that Gary bought in Jackson, Wyoming.  Quite a few restaurants in this region have Buffalo and some Elk on the menu. Personally, I wouldn’t give two cents for these packages of jerky that Gary bought.  But he seems to like them and he paid a lot more than two cents.  For those looking for a unique taste experience, here is the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company where you can order up all kinds of range meat gift packs

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  1. Hubby likes all kinds of wild game. I'll stick to good old fashion cows, or better yet, chicken. Can't wait to explore WY next summer. Thanks for sharing.