Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Second Anniversary of Full Timing

Two years ago, we sold our condo ad moved into our motor home and it has been our one and only home since.



Here are a few of our year two statistics in comparison with year one:

                                                               Year Two           Year One

Motor Home Miles                                        6,846                 8,037

Car Miles                                                   18,476               17,463

States Visited (Excluding Repeats)                     9                      27

Longest Stay (Weeks)                                        4                     16

We stayed true to our planning and traveled in a fairly tight north/south loop moving south from far western New York State to Texas, north up to Montana and back down to Utah as the extremes of this year’s travel. We didn’t travel in nearly as many states but they were a lot bigger ones. This past Christmas, our son bought us an annual Federal Parks Pass. We have used it this year to the tune of $190 of avoided park fees.

In our first year, we spent our winter largely at one spot in Florida as we had previously traveled a lot in Florida. For our winter in Texas, we moved around quite a bit only staying still for as much as a month once in Port Aransas on the Gulf Coast.

100_6143We labeled our first year “the cities and seafood tour” as we traveled the east coast from Florida to the northern end of Nova Scotia. This year could probably be labeled “mountains, mountains and more mountains” as we traveled up the east side of the Rockies from the Rio Grande to the northern border and then started back down the west side of the Rockies.

We have one more big loop to do, down to Arizona, up to the Pacific Northwest and down the Pacific Coast to Southern California. Exactly what we do after that has yet to be determined. We have talked about a slower pace that might include some work camping positions.

But one thing for sure, it has been a fascinating two years to date for us and Alley.



  1. Happy Anniversary...Ain't life great!!!??!!!

  2. Sounds like two excellent years on the road.

  3. congrats on the anniversary! we keep thinking we'll slow down too, but somehow it never happens. oh well!

  4. Congratulations on the first two years! We've only been out here for 8 months now, but we're having a blast.