Friday, August 16, 2013

We Deserved A Break Today

081313164611We wrote that we needed to do some cleaning while we were here in the Salt Lake area.  I spent a good part of two days cleaning the inside of the motor home, washing down all the wordwork, shampooing the carpet, and other interior deep cleaning.  Gary washed the car and ordered up some parts and accessories we needed.  Then we moved on to the exterior.  When we were in Denver, we got a quote for washing and waxing the motor home – about $500.  Gary thought about it, but then simply refused to pay that much.  The last time we washed it was in South Dakota, we then had too much sun to wax it.  So we did the waxing at this stop.  The motor home is 40 feet long.  It is 12 1/2 feet high, and it is 8 1/2 feet wide.  That represents a lot of waxing.  We broke it down into three days of effort.  We washed and waxed one half of it the first day, then washed and waxed another half the second, but the two halves really weren’t true halves so we finished it up on the third day.  All of the waxing was done by hand.  We don’t have a polisher and we feel one really wouldn’t save that much time anyway.  At least the wax went on and off easily.  Now check out that luster off one of the cargo doors.

2013-08-15_16-13-19_515So today I said we are taking the day off and going to the water park.  We are camped at a combination water park and campground.  One of the pools is open to guests of the campground but you have to pay to go to the larger park.  Today we enjoyed the lazy river, shown here with my favorite tuber, and their couple of water slides in the 99 degree temperatures.  It was a very relaxing and refreshing day and a welcome change from all that cleaning.


  1. BEAUTIFUL Waxing job!
    but I don't understand... your post says 8/16 12:47am. We are in Minnesota and its not quite midnight! ??

  2. If you go to Yuma you can get it washed and waxed for sbout $80!

  3. Hello! Answered your brewery question in our blog comment section, but here are a couple of other ideas re: places to visit while in the SLC area (depending on your interests):
    --Shooting Star Saloon, said to be the oldest bar in Utah. It’s in Huntsville, not far from the downhill venue for the 2002 Olympic downhill skiing event. Should be cooler up there and Ogden Canyon is pretty. About 25 miles from Kaysville. Not fancy!
    --Drive up to Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon (south of SLC) and take the tram to the top of the mountain. Will definitely be cooler at the top of the mountain. Costs $17 each for tram tickets, I think. They have Octoberfest on the weekends starting about this time of year. I haven’t been to Octoberfest in ages; you might want to check it out on line if you decide to make that trip.
    --Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We’re not Mormon, but the history (and the religion) are interesting/unusual.
    -- City Creek Center. A new shopping center in Salt Lake that’s the current “in” place. Close to Temple Square in downtown SLC.
    --Park City is kind of a fun (but pricy) town. Several Olympic events were held here, including ski jumping. Sometime you can see practice jumpers land in pools of water at the Utah Olympic Park.
    --Or, don't do any of and take more time off to read and relax, especially after wash/waxing the RV!
    PS: Despite the fact that I graduated from Ohio State, we loved Michigan!

  4. Washing and waxing a 40 footer is a giant job but I wouldn't pay $500 either.

  5. Used one of those truck stops washes last week, Blue Beacon. Quick and easy and $50 bucks later. Came with that spry wax that should last for a week, no more. Works in a pinch. Waxing the rig is on the list... might stay there for awhile...too. :)