Friday, August 2, 2013

Yellowstone Wrap-up

We are getting a bit behind on the blog.  We moved on Sunday so it is overdue that we wrap up our Yellowstone adventures.

100_7710We were back in the Park four more times.  One day we explored more geyser basins south of Old Faithful including Firehole Lake Drive, Lower Geyser Basin, and Biscuit Basin from which we hiked to Mystic Falls.  Once again, we found unique thermal formations in every area that we passed.




100_7814Another day we went back to the Old Faithful area specifically to see one geyser that we hadn’t seen before.  Gary has been to Yellowstone two other times and it was his view that Riverside Geyser in Old Faithful/Upper Geyser Basin was the most spectacular one he had ever seen.  So we went back at a time it was predicted to be be erupting.  It is a truly spectacular sight to see this geyser right next to the Firehole River shoot off for 20 minutes out over the river water.

Our other two trips included one up through the far northwestern corner of the park along the Gallatin River as we traveled up to Big Sky for an afternoon.  We had spent a week skiing at Big Sky somewhere around 20 years ago.  Houses in that area have multiplied greatly since we were last there.  And we also stopped in and enjoyed the fare at the Lone Peak Brewery.

Our last trip through the Park was in the Motor Home towing the car as we made our way south to Jackson, Wyoming from where we would be exploring Grand Teton National Park.  We even got a shot from inside the motor home of those blooming lily pads up in the continental divide area.  Our GPS was going crazy the entire time as it thinks we are a truck and apparently trucks are not allowed on the Park roads without very special permits.  The road south out of the Park was a bit narrow and without shoulders; our drive through the far more narrow Park road of Little Bighorn was great practice.



  1. you really can't get enough of Yellowstone...

  2. Trivia question last night: How many square miles is Yellowstone Park?

    1. Without looking, my estimate would be 6,000, but I see it is 3,472.