Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bees Knees

How do we turn this title into baseball?  The Salt Lake City Bees baseball team of course.  Utah is known as the beehive state.  At one time, the area was referred to Deseret, which apparently according to the Book of Mormon is an ancient word for honey bee.  And during the migration from the Midwest to Utah, some Mormons reportedly brought along swarms of bees.  The backdrop for the Bees stadium is the Wasatch range of mountains – a spectacular setting for a ballpark.  The Bees are the AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels.  They have the best record in the Pacific Coast League.  The ballpark is almost as nice as the outfield view.  There is just one thing missing – fans.  It was a small crowd in spite of a two-for-one promotion that we took advantage of.  We think we might know the reason.  In most minor league parks they make it a really fun event.  In the best parks, there are fan-centric activities every half inning – contests, give-aways, entertainment, etc.  The vibe of this park was boring – minimal activities.  Even the mascot, a giant bee, of course,  was rarely seen and doing very little to rev up the fans.  At least we had the view.


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