Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Man And His Dog

While we were in Zion NP, we stopped at a picnic area to share the subway sandwich which we had purchased at the gas station back at the highway junction where our campground is.  While eating, a man on his motorcycle pulled off the main road onto the picnic area road.  I told Gary, “that man has a dog on his motorcycle”, but before he could turn around and look, the dog could no longer be seen as they pass down the road.  As we were headed to the car after lunch, the same motorcycle was headed back in our direction.  The driver saw that I was aiming my camera so he pulled right over to us so that we could get another shot.  I love the goggles!



  1. Mans best friend has to go with him.

  2. Almost looks like Ara and Spirit from "The Oasis of my Soul"...