Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

100_8823Come again another day -- after we have left southern Utah.  This area receives maybe 15 inches of rain a year.  It is a near desert here.  So why has it rained every day since we have been here?  Do they have to get the entire annual rainfall in the nine days we have been in Mount Carmel?  Those same tropical flows that have dumped all that rain on Colorado have also spread it across the Southwest.  We think this is most concentrated set of days of rain that we have had in the last two years.  It is backlogging our exploring of the area.  Nearby Zion has had more drenching than where we are camped.  We watched a cell phone video of a group of young guys who were caught back in a slot canyon when the skies opened up.  They were lucky to get out.  A mudslide closed the eastern road of the Park for a day until they could get it dug out.  Fortunately, it had been nothing like Colorado.  At an Escapees co-op campground in New Mexico the residents had to be helicoptered out to safety and are holed up in a shelter. If we are going to see this area we are just going to have to get out there and dodge these showers.  Who would have thunk it.

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